Hemp Transportation

Navigating Hemp Today

Our team has put together a dedicated hemp transportation department birthed specifically for

the hemp industry. We currently work with a multitude of Hemp Farms, Nurseries and Labs to transport all Hemp products carefully and 100% legally. We have worked with our legal team as well as various levels of state and local law enforcement to craft a routing guide to ensure your product moves point A to point B with confidence. 

Because of our companies additional freight departmental focuses we have developed a trusted driver and transportation network that allows us to get you the safest drivers at the most competitive pricing. This has set us up with all necessary knowledge to expand intentionally into the hemp industry with purpose. Whether you need to move biomass, distillate, isolate, or retail level hemp products, we have a dedicated and competent team ready to add value and professionalism every step of the way. 

With different levels of insurance and transit times available, we can craft transportation plans to your company’s needs. Give us a call today!

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If you need help moving any legal Hemp product give us a call today!